Negotiation Skills 7.5
Delegating Ownership of a Problem 8.4
Managing Difficult People 8.8
Influencing Skills 8.6
Psychological Skills for soft-skill trainer 8.0
             Presentation Skills 7.6
Behavioral skills in debt collection 8.4
             Situational Leadership  8.6
         The Art and Courage of Discussing your Opinions 8.0
            CV writing and Job interview 9.0

*The Rating is the average number on a scale of 0-10 of all participants who followed this training

References from former participants for different trainings at MindWork Training


Mr. Dinh Nguyen – (HR and Admin Director, Danone Vietnam): “The course is really helpful for systemizing my knowledge as well as improving my influencing skills for both in work and life.  I’d like the facilitator’s way of exploring together pitfalls may occurred when using a given skill of influencing.  I enjoyed all exercises and found it beneficial to me.”

Vu Thanh Ha – (Account Manager, Hoaly Communication): “They are useful skills which have a lot of practice. The key messages repeat many times so I can learn by heart at class. The example is close to reality and helpful in practical situation. The lecturer has inspired me to be changed to improve my influencing skills.” 



The program is well-designed into detail and instructs learners step by step  how to make a presentations more effective with various training activities.”

- Nguyễn Thị Thu Hiền, FrieslandCampina Vietnam, “Presentation Skill”

The structure of the program is good, having several exercises to apply theories so that trainees can remember the lessons easier. I also obtain many useful tools to use at work. ”

- Nguyễn Thái An, Sacombank, “Building and Maintaining Relationship with Colleagues”.

 “The training course has provided us several knowledge and skills which we have lacked to have effective communication with others.”

- Thái Nguyễn Bảo Ngọc, SAF-Việt, “Communication skill”

What I like best in the training is the focused and well-structured content. This helps us to understand the model easily. Through the games and activities, the trainees have withdrawn lessons for themselves.”

- Trần Thị Minh Châu, LG-Vina Cosmetic, “Gung-ho”.

The training has provided us several useful and practical  tools to apply in our sale job.”

- Nguyễn Thanh Tuấn, Fan Việt Nam, “Advanced Sale Management”

Coming to the course, I am glad to know more about models on emotional intelligence”

- Hoàng Lê Quỳnh, Mitsui, “Emotional Intelligence”

The content of the lecture fits well into the reality of my work on project managemet. The trainer has answered all our inquiries quickly and satisfactorily. We also had the opportunities to exchange our opinions.”

- Huỳnh Minh Hải, Alstom, “Project management”

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