Project Management Oct 2016

Learning objectives:

  • Providing general knowledge on project management so that managers and staff can use apply and use it as a standard model in all project projects
  • Raising the awareness of the importance of a project model in realizing the company of goals, objectives and strategies. Improving the capacity to link company’s strategies back to project activities and operations
  • Understanding and mastering some basic skills of project design, project analysis and evaluation, project coordination, change management, risk management and communication in a project
  • Improving collaboration within project members and between team members and other teams or departments. Building a new culture of teamwork in the framework of project management

Course outline:

  • Introduction to the topic and introductory exercise.
  • Why a project is born and developed? Strategically implementing new initiatives in the form of project model.
  • Project mechanism and stages of a project.
  • 9 components of a typical project.
  • Developing project key objectives, project scope and project requirements
  • Developing a work-breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Project planning overview.
  • Practicing design of a concrete project.
  • The role of Project Management Office and its supervision role in project management.
  • Procedures to analyze and to evaluate a project and factors influencing the process.
  • Procedures for project coordination.
  • Tools (techniques) to supervise timing and quality of a project.
  • The importance of change management in project implementation.
  • A model of change management in a project.
  • Creating change management and scope management plans
  • Developing a stakeholder management plan and project communications plan
  • Organizing project teams
  • Developing project team culture
  • Managing project team dynamics
  • Working collaboratively and understanding dependencies between teams
  • Concept and role of risk management in a project cycle
  • Factors critical for defining risks in a project.
  • Procedures and plan for risk management.

General Information:

  • Trainer: Trainer’s profile and program will be provided as requested.
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Venue:  Arrangement will be made depending on the courses
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Opening Date:  20 & 21 Oct 2016
  • Group Size: 10- 12
  • Fees:  4,000,000 VND/person. Inc. VAT 0%, material & tea-coffee break

More information, please contact:

0908 173 158 (Mr. Tài)  / Email:

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