New service: E-learning (Webinar) for Corporate Clients.

Your staff are based everywhere in the country from the North, Center to the South. Or your staff are working in shift. It is difficult and costly  for your company to organize one in-house trainning for all your staff.

Business activities are intense during working days and your staff can not be off to participate fully in one public or in-house training.

In all these situations, e-learning or learning by webinar is a solution for your company. The term “webinar” comes from the two words “web” and “seminar”. Basically, it’s a one-way presentation that is done using web technologies like any meeting. The PowerPoint presentations are presented in a simple and direct way. The trainers can create personal connections with their audience by showing their faces. They can transfer files, conduct polls and surveys, live text chat, and share what’s on their desktop for reference.

If you’d like to do a Q&A session following the presentation, the trainer can always jump in at the end!

The benefits of training on Webinars:

  • The training can reach a large number of participants all at once. The recorded video can not only be used once for a group of people but also for many more groups later.
  • Information can be shared wide-spreadly, even at the global scale.
  • Webinars can be cost-effective. No costs for travelling, training venues, tea/coffee breaks and any other logistic costs incurred.
  • Learners can take in the information from the comfort of their own home or office. This can help with absorbing and retaining the information from the training.
  • Webinar tools are usually very easy to use and don’t require you to download software. Các công cụ của Webinars rất dễ sử dụng và không đòi hỏi phải download phần mềm về.

Potential challenges:

  • Technical challenges: Issues can sometimes come up in connection with signing in, incorrect passwords, software, audio issues, internet connectivity, and so on.
  • Holding the attention of the learners: Since they can access the webinar from wherever, there could be distractions that get in the way of their learning experience.

How to do?

Webinar training be applied to all MindWork Training Programs.

Option 1: Buying accounts for standard Webinar trainings, based on the number of participants. Each participant will be provided one account (or one link).

Option 2: Buying customized Webinar trainings. The contents are customized to fit into the business situation of the customers. The trainers are also selected based on their experience matching to the customers’s business. The companies can use the customized webinar trainings to build up their internal e-learning center.

In order to know more details about each particular training course, please contact us: or (090 3955 702/0 28 8 892 1139) for consultation and detailed offers.