Overview: The course is aimed at equipping trainees with techniques and tools to think “out of the box”, or new ways of thinking which can lead them to unique and practical business ideas and effective solutions to a problem. Especially, the course also incorporates 6 thinking hats paradigm as a new tool for creative thinking. The 6 thinking hats combine different ways of approaching a problem which can help the problem solving process become thorough, comprehensive and detailed. This tool is very helpful for group discussion, or facilitating a meeting or even individual thinking process

Learning objectives:

After the course, the participants are expected to create the successful competencies as:

  • Understanding and analyzing the personal dominant thinking style, strength and weakness of this style
  • Encouraging and showing trainees different ways of “thinking out of the box” which can go beyond the usual, normal and safe solutions
  • Learning and applying techniques of how to have clear, systematic and objective thinking
  • Learning and applying techniques of how to look at one issue from many different angles
  • Learning how to communicate, present and discuss one issue with colleagues in a team to come to a conclusion together with the aim of encouraging creativity, minimizing the ineffective discussion, conflict and the ego)

Course duration: 2 days – 24 & 25 April 2017

Course outline:

  • What is considered as creativity in the company and in the business?
  • Who are you? Scoring for the pre-test. Can one learn creative thinking?
  • Obstacles to creative thinking
  • Principles to develop creative thinking
  • Tools to become more creative
  • Creative thinking process
  • Setting up a system which can encourage and push up creativity in the company
  • Lateral thinking vs. Parrarel thinking
  • What is 6 thinking hats of de Bono? The meaning of 6 thinking hats in the company?
  • Introducing each hat and the meaning of each hat (strong and weak points in each way
    of thinking)
  • Practicing with a pair of hats: Every 2 hats have the opposite meaning or close meanings.
  • Practicing all 6 thinking hats in group discussion.

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