Motivating a team



When each team member is motivated and the whole team is driven with team’s spirit, the team will move ahead with good performance. Inspiring and motivating staff, connecting them into a coherent and strong team  is a very important task of a team leader. The course will help participants to answer the following questions:

  • Where does motivation come from?
  • What promt us to work harder and better? What gives us satisfaction in job?
  • How can we call for support and cooperation from our staff and colleagues?
  • How can we make our staff to work voluntarily and happily?
  • How can we encourage or promote the pride and passion at work in our staff?

Participants will complete a competency test before the course and and prepare a few real situations for practicing in the class.

Time: 1 or 2 days


Course program:

  1. A.   Motivation and motivating oneself
  • What motivate a person?

ü  Maslow Model.

ü  Motivation from outside and inside.

  • When has a person the highest motivation at work?
  1. B.   Motivating a team:
    1. Motivating a team by creating meanings and values of a job. (the story of a squirrel)
  • What are your values? What are your prides at work? What are the meanings of your job?
  • What give you satisfaction at work?
  • Connecting personal values to missions and visions of the organization.
  1. Motivating a team by creating clear bounderies of scope of work and responsibilities and clear expectations (the story of a beaver)
  • Job assignment:
    • How do you assign tasks to your team members? Based on which principles?
    • The tasks can be a bit challenging but the staff still can manage them at last.
    • Respecting and listenning to dreams, expectations and needs of the staff. Responding them in action when it is possible.
  1. Inspiring staff by compliments and encouragement (the story of a goose):
  • Giving staff compliments when a task is completed successfully but compliments should truly come from heart.
  • Creating some competition between individuals and small teams by giving scores and ranking.
  • Rewards should be in the form of both spirit and material. .
  • Training methods: learning through stories, pictures, videos, class activities, assignments, games and sharings from the trainers and participants.
Ngày 1/6/2018 to 31/7/2018
8:30AM - 05:30PM
Mindwork Training