Building Effective Team

The nature of a management job at a high or low level is to lead a team. Therefore, to be able to lead an effective team is the origin of success of a manager. This means that all members of the team are willing to participate in team’s activities with high team spirit and good performance. After the course, participants will obtain the following concrete objectives:

  • Being able to identify mission, vision, strategies, priorities and responsibilities of the team.
  • Being able to identify roles, tasks, responsibilities and relationship with stake holders of team members.
  • Understanding factors which cause malfunction to an effective team.
  • Understanding the team development process and knowing how to help team to overcome difficult periods.
  • Managing conflicts, building trust, creating commitment and calling for participation and cooperation.
  • Making full advantage of different strength in the team


  • For team leaders and managers


  • Definition of an effective team. Vision, Mission and Responsibilities of a Team.
  • Identifying roles, responsibilities and relationship with statehoders of team members. RACI model.
  • Focusing on the solving team’s conflicts and shaping team’s norms and standards: 4 team development stages of Tuckman: forming, storming, norming and performing.
  • 5 barriers to team’s effectiveness of Patrick Lenencio: lack of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitments, inaccountability and inattention to results. How can a team mal-function? How to remove all these factors in order to call for participation and cooperation?
  • Belbin’s team role – 8 team roles: coordination, shaping, resource investigation, implementation, evaluation, innovation, social work and finalization. Identify team members in their roles to give them the right tasks to combine their talents into a total strength.
  • Training methods: learning through stories, pictures, videos, class activities, assignments, games and sharings from the trainers and participants.
  • Pre-course:  2 tests to be done before the course.


Ngày 1/6/2018 to 31/7/2018
8:30AM - 05:30PM
Mindwork Training