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Johnny the bagger, a true story about customer services

Johnny the bagger, a true story about customer services You can make the difference Based on the work of celebrated author and speaker Barbara Glanz, Johnny the Bagger®: A True Story of Customer Service inspires employees as they follow the true story of Johnny, a young man with Down’s syndrome. Watch as Johnny the Bagger® makes a positive choice about his personal responsibility and commits to provide heartfelt service with every opportunity. Your employees will understand and appreciate...

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Mr. Võ Trường Thành
CEO of Truong Thanh Furniture Company

Jos Langens (JL): Good morning, Mr. Thanh.  We are very happy that you are willing to spend some time to share with us about your experiences which lead to your success of today. Truong Thanh (TT): Good morning, Mr. Jos Langens. It is my pleasure to have you here today. JL: When were you born? TT: I was born in 1959 in Binh Dinh. JL: Did you dream of becoming a businessman in your childhood? TT: No, not at all. Things happened quite accidentally. I was a good student of mathematics so I chose...

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Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Mai Thanh
CEO of REE Corporation

Jos Langens (JL): Good afternoon, Mrs. Mai Thanh. We are happy that you have accepted this interview to share your experience with us, which can be a source of inspiration for not only the young Vietnamese but also to all of us. Mai Thanh (MT): Good afternoon, Mr. Jos Langens. I like the purpose of the interview and I think that it is my responsibility to share my experience in order to inspire young people to develop their career. JL: When you look at your childhood, which things have formed you...

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Mr. Lê Viết Hải
Chairman & CEO of Hoa Binh Corporation

The most important thing for people is to think seriously about the direction in which they wish to go. The challenge is to first understand yourself, your abilities, advantages and opportunities. You need to think carefully about yourself, to know and understand your character. Also important is to see yourself from another’s point of view. Teachers or friends can evaluate your actions and give you advice. When you know and understand yourself, only then can you find a good career and satisfy...

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