MindWork Training started its activities in Vietnam in 2011 with the support of Schouten &Nelissen from the Netherlands. We provide a variety of soft-skills training to support people by improving their management skills.


The methodology of MindWork Training is based on the theory and principles of experiential learning as developed and published in the USA by David Kolb in the 1970’s. This means that the experience of the participants is the starting point for their learning process. These experience can be actual experiences from the work place, or created experiences in, for example, role playing.


MindWork Training works with Vietnamese as well as with expatriate professionals who all are trained in our methodology. Our trainers have experiencein diverse sectors such as Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, IT, Construction, Health Care, Real estate and they use their expertise in various fields like HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Customer Service and Business Development to comply with client needs.


- Programs are based on solid theoretical concepts and models
- A consistent and professional training methodology in which all trainers are thoroughly trained.
- Prior to each training program, a Training Need Analysis will be conducted with the client by one of our trainers to ensure that the client expectations are met.
- By working with small groups of approximately 12-20 participants, greater individual attention and a higher rate of effectiveness is achieved.
- A strong focus on practising will assure that the learned insights and behaviors are applied in the work place.
- During some of the trainings we will work with video to increase the learning effect paying particular attention to non verbal aspects.
- Most of the training programs will end with a home-work assignment, to practise the new behaviour in a real-life situation. Subsequent to this, there will be a follow-up meeting to discuss progress, provide feedback and suggestions for further improvement regarding the training.

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